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Serial Killer Of The Day: Leonard Earle Nelson

Born: May 12th, 1897

Died: January 13th 1928

This is up there as one of my favourite killers because of his amazing technique and his large amount of victims. Leonard Nelson was an orphan by the age of 18 months because both his parents died from syphilis, dirty cunts, and he went to live with his aunt, Mrs Fabian, who was a religious nutjob and insisted on frequent bible readings while planning for the boy to become a minister, if only she knew what he’d be up to 20 years from then.

On May 21st 1918, he attempted to rape his neighbour’s daughter but must have got a bad case of the blue balls when her father promptly stopped him after hearing his daughter’s screams.  Taken to court, he scandalized everyone by his outbursts of violent profanity interspersed with long, brooding silences and was committed to a mental institution. Showing true grit and determination he eventually escaped (Like the Shawshank Redemption but instead of befriending Morgan Freeman he probably befriended somebody who wrote messages to aliens with their own feces) after 2 previously failed attempts and evaded capture long enough to be pronounced discharged in his absence.

Early in 1919, in San Francisco, Nelson married a particularly older woman (36 years older to be more precise) but the marriage did not last long due to Nelson attempting to rape her while she was in hospital, a good reason to divorce someone if you ask me, he was once again committed and in 1923 he once again escaped.

Now this is where it all gets interesting, if you didn’t think rape and mental institutions were interesting enough, nothing is known of what Nelson did for the next two years apart from the fact he adopted the name ‘Roger Wilson’, I’m not quite sure if his first name was a hint towards his love of raping but I enjoyed the pun. On February 20th, 1926, Clara Newman, a 60 year old spinster, opened the door of her rooming house in San Francisco to find a quietly-spoken young man with no luggage other than his trusty bible clutched to his chest. Her nephew returned a few days later to find his aunts body in the upstairs toilet. She had been strangled before or during the rape, maybe even a little bit before and some during.

Now I haven’t got time to take you through all the killings but Nelson was credited with 22 killings, all of which were in the same style. He knocks on the door acting like a soft spoken pansy boy God lover, and then proceeds to go apeshit, strangling and raping the poor old biddies who intended to let him rest his weary head on their floral print pillows. His victims ranged from ages 13 to 63 but the best part of them were in their 50s/60s making Nelson a true MILF hunter.

Eventually the killer’s trail was picked up on after a shop keeper noticed that he knew the man’s face from a wanted posted. The police caught up with him as he was walking along the road out of town. He lied about his name and said he was working for a local farmer. Now here comes the reason he is up there as one of my favourite killers, when he was told he was being held for the killing and rape of many women, he laughed and replied

"I only do my lady-killing on Saturday nights"

He was held in a jail in Killarney, from which he escaped but was recaptured by the morning, and stood trial on November 1st, 1927. He pleaded insanity, but only two witnesses (His aunt and his ex-wife, probably not his biggest fans) were called in his defence. He was declared sane and sentenced to death, he was hung on January 13, 1928.

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